New Tricks from the Big Dog

Last Saturday I attended an Olympus WOW day run by the award winning photographer Damian McGillicuddy (AKA “The Big Dog”) at Tip Top Photography studio in the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham.

Damian’s on a mission, not only to show the benefits of using small, mirrorless cameras like the Olympus OM-D and PEN to produce outstanding professional quality images, but also to show how this can be done using minimal lighting kit. The two and a half hour session took us through three different lighting set ups using no more than three Olympus flash guns and, in the main, without modifiers (brollies, soft boxes, diffusers etc). Damian refers to this as “bare flash”. The results achieved were, I think you’ll agree, pretty stunning. This is one of the images taken by Damian of the model Becky Holt.

Image Courtesy Damian McGillicuddy

If you want to see how Damian gets shots like this yourself he’s produced a couple of free e-books that you can download here. Better still attend one of the Olympus events. The half-day sessions run by Damian are free and you even get a £50 voucher that you can redeem against the purchase of certain items of Olympus kit. Hard to know what’s not to like really!

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