3 Years and Counting

Three years ago today I posted my first entry onto this blog celebrating the renewal of my interest in photography with the purchase of my first serious micro four-thirds camera, the Olympus OM-D E-M5 (which we should now call the Mark I given there is now an E-M5 Mark II).

Coincidentally I have just sold that camera, not because I’m falling out of love with the Olympus brand (far from it) but because it’s time to move on and rationalise my kit a little. I now pretty much exclusively use the Olympus OM-D E-M1 as my main camera with the M.ZUIKO 25mm, 45mm, 60mm and 12-40mm lenses as well as the fixed lens Fujifilm X100T as a backup and street camera. The great thing about this kit is it pretty much serves all my needs in terms of the type of photography I do as well as fits into one of my two bags of choice, my Billingham Hadley Pro or Manfrotto Advanced Active Backpack I.

But, it’s not about the kit, it’s about the images you can create with it. So, to celebrate three years of blogging here are a few new edits or unpublished photographs taken with these cameras and lenses. Click through on the image or its title to see the EXIF data on Flickr.

2 thoughts on “3 Years and Counting

  1. Every once in a while, I contemplate having a big fat DSLR as my main camera. Then every time I look back at the images I’ve created with my Oly (meager E-PL2 that it is) and I set myself straight. I haven’t been able to afford the bump up to the OM-D line, but I’ve got my eyes on the prize. I love micro four thirds.

  2. Hi and thanks for your comment. Micro 4/3 has been a saviour to my photography and I’m pretty sure if the only choice we had were “big fat DSLR’s” I’d have given up photography a long time ago (my back would have made me do it apart from anything else). All Oly’s are capable of producing great images and like I have discovered you just need to invent some projects for yourself and get out there shooting.

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