Style with Silver Efex Pro 2 – Part II

Following on from my earlier post here are a few more images adopting my current style. All images taken with an Olympus OM-D EM-1 Mk I plus various M.ZUIKO lenses (mainly 45mm and 12-35mm zoom). Processing is with Lightroom and  Silver Efex Pro 2.

Style with Silver Efex Pro 2 – Part I

I’ve written before about the importance of developing a photographic style as well as how not to be sidetracked when trying to do so. Being able to make photographs that are distinctively ‘you’ helps to set you apart from a very crowded world of images so it’s worthwhile thinking about

Zimbabwe Fashion Showcase 2018

Some images from a recent shoot for Dawn Ziyambe, founder of Zimbabwe Fashion Showcase (ZFS), taken at M Restaurant in London. This is the third year I have worked with Dawn and her team helping them with publicity images for the fashion shows she organises. This years show is at

Stay on the F*cking Bus

I have to admit that I’d not heard of the Helsinki Bus Station Theory until reading about it in the This column will change your life section of The Guardian newspaper a few weeks ago. In brief this is a theory put forward by the by Finnish-American photographer Arno Minkkinen. The Helsinki

A Shoot with Fashion Designer Hilton Mutariswa

Today sees the first elections in Zimbabwe since the removal of Robert Mugabe last year.  Initial news is that millions of people have voted peacefully and so let’s hope today sees a turning point in this African nations troubled history. Last month I was privileged to meet a fantastic gentleman by the

Victoria Lucie

Victoria Lucie is a young actor from Worcester in the UK who already has an impressive list of credits to her name in film, television and theatre.  She is also a singer, saxophone player and model so an all round adaptable and ambitious young woman. I met Vicki earlier this month

What I Learnt from Ansel Adams

Not, unfortunately, from seeing and hearing the great American landscape photographer personally but from his autobiography published just a few years before his death in 1984.  The book, as well as being a an enjoyable and captivating story of the life of a working photographer at the start of the

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