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5 Things I Learned About Photography in 2014

Despite not getting enough time to spend on photography in 2014 I did get some images I am pleased with and learned some new stuff as well. Here are five things that come to mind as being most significant and which I am finding to be most helpful with my

One Camera, Two Lenses

I’m increasingly finding that much of my photography is being accomplished with just two lenses, the M.ZUIKO 45mm f/1.8 (90mm equivalent on so called ‘full-frame’) and M.ZUIKO 25mm f/1.8 (50mm equivalent on full-frame). The usefulness of the 50mm lens (in full-frame speak is well documented. Here’s the reason from the

What Level Are You At?

The photographer and blogger Ming Thein wrote a wonderful post back in November 2012 about the creative evolution of a photographer. He identifies four stages (actually five if you include the pre stage) that photographers typically advance through as they improve their technical as well as creative skills. In many

Six Great YouTube Videos About and by Photographers

If you’re lacking inspiration or just need to remind yourself of how some of the greats of photography worked (sadly all but one are now dead) here are a few YouTube videos of some of the masters of photography. Half Past Autumn: The Life and Work of Gordon Parks. Favourite

Five Ways of Improving Your Photography

These may be blindingly obvious. The challenge however is not knowing them but doing them. These are five things I am ‘committing’ to, to try and improve my photography. Thought I’d share and would welcome any comments to see what others do that improves their image making skills. Take more

The Tools We Use

There is a question often asked of photographers which is why do they spend so much time looking at, comparing and then buying the latest camera or lens when virtually no other artist indulges in such pursuits but instead focuses on the art itself. After all, painters do not spend

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