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Some Images Inspired by my ‘Inspirational Quotes’ Post

In a previous post I captured some quotes and images that were currently inspiring me. Here are my own images in the style of those photographers or that are inspired by their words (or both). Vivienne Gucwa Ms. Gucwa started out photographing where she lives *New York City) using a

Some Inspirational Photography Quotes and Images

Part of the learning process of photography is to look at the work of other photographers. I find that quite often inspiration comes not just from their images but the words they have spoken as well. Here are some words of wisdom I have heard or read recently from photographers that

Olympus Venice Workshop Part II: Patterns and Reflections

This is the second of my posts from the Olympus Venice workshop I attended at the beginning of June run by Olympus ambassadors Steve Gosling and Neil Buchan-Grant. The first post, The People of Venice is here. One of the challenges of photographing a city like Venice is to capture

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