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Photoshop – How Much is Too Much?

In a couple of earlier posts (here and here) I’ve ruminated on the importance of developing you own┬ástyle of photography and also experimented with various styles myself (the above picture of which is an example). Having recently entered a photographic competition where photographers were asked to submit up to 10

Lightroom and Photoshop – Basic Portrait Retouching

One of the reasons I have decided to invest some time in learning Lightroom and Photoshop is because of the additional control it can give the photographer in processing images. In the past I have relied on “quick fix” programs like Portrait Professional and Perfect Photo Suite to edit images.

OM-D Studio Shoot Part II

Here are a couple more shots, and corresponding lighting diagrams, from my recent shoot at Tip Top Photography in Birmingham with Jodie. See here for Part I. The first shot is a nice head and shoulders of Jodie. I’ve applied a bit of skin smoothing on this using PortraitProfessional. Here’s

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