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So I Finally Joined Instagram

For some time now I have tried to ignore the phenomena that is Instagram. At the start of the year when I posted about how I intended to use social media I ignored Instagram altogether. Last week however, having read an article in Professional Photography magazine on Instagram for Business, I

How I Use Social Media for Photography

One of the things I want to do in 2016 is get a bit more organised with how I use social media for my photography. My approach up until now has, I feel, been a bit ad hoc and scattergun in terms of how and where I post stuff. I decided

Photography is Dead

“Photography is dead”. These were supposedly the last words of the fashion photographer Bruno Sabastia before committing suicide according to the model Caroline Madison. Prior to his untimely death Sabastia had talked about how much he despised the new upcoming wannabe photographers. Those who steal work from real professionals, those who cut

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